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Finding Charlotte Photography is Victoria BC photo enthusiast John Carlow. Motivated by the photography of live musical performance. Forever moved by the discovery of individuals through portraits Contact me if you like to talk over coffee about shooting your band, a portrait or photography in general. I believe the foundation of any lasting image is the conversation that begins the process.

Drop me a line at john @ findingcharlotte.ca

The Poor Choices: "John has the ability of being there for the action shot without anyone really knowing he's there. He gets rad live shots, even of the drummer! John is talented, dedicated and friendly. He is not just at the show for photo ops, he is a true music fan and supporter of local bands. We love him!"
Chris Logan:

"I've had the pleasure of John's acquaintance for many years, and have used his portraits, food shots, and live music candids to promote my business in print and online. Working with John in a portrait shoot is a breeze. He's cordial and polite, always putting his subjects at ease and so drawing the best out their session. His food shots are simply but beautifully composed, and I have no doubt they have increased our food sales significantly.

All that being true, in my opinion it is in his live music shots that John's unique talents are revealed. He has an uncanny knack for capturing the ephemeral moment in a live performance, and his ability to shoot under crowded, noisy conditions and under VERY low light is nothing short of inspirational."