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John Carlow is finding charlotte photography

Finding Charlotte Photography is Victoria BC Canada  photographer John Carlow.


I am forever motivated by the passion of live music and the challenge to capture it well.  I've shot everything from basement shows to headliner festivals. I've been fortunate enough to shoot for many venues, media outlets, companies, festivals , publications and all just for the love of photography. I treasure connecting to musicians/ bands in some meaningful way. Connection reveals itself in images.​

I'm always moved by the discovery of individuals through portraiture. Ive taken away so much by connecting with people this way.  I will rarely do a session without being able to meet , talk with and find out more about the person Ill be turning my lens to. I have forged many lasting friendships through portraits. I make sure time is plentiful, breaks are present and that fun is a vital goal of the day. We are never strangers come shoot day and that comes across in the images we capture.​

Ive was a writer/contributor at Tom Tom Magazine ( New York ) for a number of years. Check out the gallery of drummer profiles I've done to date.​ I currently  write/photograph for Absolute Underground Magazine.
I also shoot dance , conceptual and intimate portraiture.

The name? A tapestry of romantic notion and Sofia Coppola films. A watermark that blends well with portraiture and artistic endeavors, but sticks out like sore thumb in punk,hardcore imagery. One came before the other. The music photography grew popular so fast a name change was never going to be in the cards. So it remains.


I shoot with a Canon 5 D Mark 4, with Canon/Sigma lenses.

Contact me if you'd like to talk over coffee about shooting a portrait , your band or just photography in general. I believe the foundation of any lasting image is the conversation that begins the process.




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