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John Carlow is finding charlotte photography

Shared thoughts from people I hung out with a while....

Working with John is a true pleasure. He sees people. I did not consider myself a model. Had no big inspirations for shoots I wanted to do. But John and I struck up a friendship after my burlesque debut performance and he saw something in me he wanted to capture. We connected as friends before we brought out the camera and I took off my clothes, which made all the difference. He was very professional and he made me feel safe. He was also warm and fun and easy going. I would recommend John to anyone but especially if you are new to boudoir photography. He is someone who will see you, care for you, and capture some damn beautiful images.



John Carlow is the 5th / 6th member in all my bands. He works as hard , if not harder than all of us. He makes us look cooler than we sound  Ha ! Our music scene is lucky to have him out in the pit weekend after weekend. I’m stoked to have had him ringside with me for a decade . Here’s to another 20 more ! Love you John 


Jono Jak


Rival Gang

Class of 1984


Angry Snowmans

After you & the Pardon Me’s

Start with the Cobra

Shooting with Finding Charlotte Photography is an absolute pleasure.
His artistic visions and creativity paralleled with his calm and
personable approach is ideal as a model.

I would highly recommend him for all types of shoots but if you are
wanting to get in to modelling and are looking to build your portfolio,
hiring him to do this will build your confidence and abilities.

I look forward to having the pleasure to model for Finding Charlotte
Photography again.


Musician/ Model

"John is a true professional, from his understanding of his gear and its intricacies to his deep knowledge of all forms of art and photo composition. His friendly disposition and dedication to getting the best results every time make the process of shooting with him elegant and straightforward. He took the time to scout different locations for me, choosing the best ones that he felt fit our combined vision, and planned a route that allowed us to move rapidly without sacrificing results. On top of his deep knowledge of the art of photography, John's interest in music and supporting artists makes him a pleasure to talk to and learn from. Working with John isn't "work" - it's fun. There just happens to be awesome photos at the end.

Anthony Shackell


We’ve been working with John for over a decade and he’s never let us down. He always goes above and beyond for everyone, and I take great comfort knowing he is somewhere in the wings working hard to make us look good. It’s not a real show if I can’t see the light glinting off the front of his lens. Our stage show is dynamic but very dark, with lights flashing, lasers pulsing, and smoke filling the room – but John delivers the shot, every time. As far as I’m concerned, he’s in the band.


Josh Szczepanowski

PIGS: Canada’s Pink Floyd

A talented and important figure to the Victoria Metal scene. We've seen John Carlow survive some of the roughest crowds. Navigating merciless mosh pits and coming out unscathed with absolutely amazing photographs. John puts in long hours into making sure not one band is missed. With upmost respect and salutations, may we recommend Finding Charlotte Photography to organizers looking to create long lasting memories for your event.


Vancouver Island Metal Festival Society

For years I've watched John Carlow's dedication to capturing Victoria's underground music scene. He goes above and beyond any photographer I've worked with. In these uncertain times regarding live music, I'm grateful to have his body of work. From punk rock portraiture, still life to boudoir, Finding Charlotte photography is a mainstay. Not only is John skilled, he is also a dear friend. 


Andrew Anderson //

CAVITY Curiosity Shop

John is a professional in every sense of the word.  His priority is your comfort during more delicate photo shoots.  Always a gentleman, he asks before changing costume or positioning the subject.  A portable change room is even available!  I've never had such a great photo experience.  He is open to suggestions and ideas all to give you the best experience and photos.  I've been a subject for John for many years and have always been happy with the result!



I’ve had the privilege of shooting with John both on and off stage. As a human he is kind, patient and a true gentleman. As a photographer he is a beast yet stealthy. He captures moments like no other and the way he does it during a show doesn’t take take anything from the bands but gives so much. He always makes time and space for people and asks for nothing in return. I wish more people were like John in person and behind the lens. I’m grateful he was able to capture so many moments in my life.

Jay Flett
Awkward AC

John has enormous artistic talent and photographic eye, but just as important, a natural gift for connecting personally with his clients. He took the time to just get me as a person, which made me feel very comfortable for the shoot. John is very professional, smart, innovative and gives you support every step of the way, making it easy to relax and trust in him. You’ll feel pampered, glamorous, and, frankly, pretty badass! Hands down, one of the best experiences I’ve had! While it felt like a once in a lifetime experience, I am certain I will do this again!

Lisa Northrop



John Carlow is a machine - one of the hardest working photographers in this town. He always manages to get amazing shots at dark, sweaty punk shows while getting jostled by drunken moshers - not an easy thing to do! He's been a great ally to me and The Punk Show over the years. A talented and very driven guy! And a decent chap to boot.

Jason Lamb

The Punk Show/ Zone 91.3




John Carlow of Finding Charlotte Photography has been such a presence in the life of my band The Bad, that it is hard to put it into words. John is obviously a fan of good music, and it shows in his work. Whether it be a high voltage rock ‘n’ roll shot, or conveying the raw emotion felt in a band's relationship with only a frame and a quick glance between members, he sees it. You can count on him to make the most of your favourite dimly lit bar or professionally lit heritage building, getting you photographs you want to show people.

Ryan Olszewski
 The Bad


"I've had the pleasure of John's acquaintance for many years, and have used his portraits, food shots, and live music candids to promote my business in print and online. Working with John in a portrait shoot is a breeze. He's cordial and polite, always putting his subjects at ease and so drawing the best out their session. His food shots are simply but beautifully composed, and I have no doubt they have increased our food sales significantly.

All that being true, in my opinion it is in his live music shots that John's unique talents are revealed. He has an uncanny knack for capturing the ephemeral moment in a live performance, and his ability to shoot under crowded, noisy conditions and under VERY low light is nothing short of inspirational.

I would wholeheartedly recommend John for any photographic job."

Chris Logan

Logans Pub

"John has the ability of being there for the action shot without anyone really knowing he's there.  He gets rad live shots, even of the drummer!  John is talented, dedicated and friendly.  He is not just at the show for photo ops, he is a true music fan and supporter of local bands.  We love him!"

The Poor Choices

John Carlow is as close to a combat photographer as one can get in the world of music photography. He’s always on the frontlines at every show. No matter the size of the band he’s always ready for action with his weapon in hand and shooting directly into the heart of the subject.

Ira Hunter

Absolute Underground Magazine

John is really fun to work with. He is professional and makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. It's been fun experimenting with different ways to do shoots, and I would highly recommend him for any type of photography

Susyn Chartier


I'm writing this today to review this talented photographer John Carlow from Finding Charlotte Photography.  I met him at a show over a few years ago. A quiet solid man upon first meet....took amazing live shots for my band at the forward a couple years later, John took band shots for my new band The Daisy Stranglers.  John's unique talent for getting 'the right shot" has made it super easy to use all the shots he has taken of us for promotion,  and on our album artwork on Bandcamp and will use him again for our next album art work. John does this so well because of his Authentic love of music and the people he shoots become more than clients....they become friends.  Nothing but love for this extremely talented man.

The Daisy Stranglers

"I could always trust that John Carlows photography would truthfully capture the beauty and organic feeling that comes with any live performance. Over the course of an evening, a band will leave an impression on their audience. John only needs a few frames."

Brad Morley

"I love working with John for my product shots! He has a great eye for beauty and I’m always impressed with the photos I get after just a short shoot.”

Valerie  Owner Operator
Wildflower Dyes

John doesn’t just take photo’s, he immerses himself into the moment.  Drawing not just from the visual experiences but the spirit of the moment as it plays out...

Colin Craveiro
Singer/ Songwriter - Man Made Lake/Sail Cassady

John Carlow’s photos are always visceral and beautiful. He captures musicians in their “assessing the crowd before a performance” to “laying on the stage in fetal position” mode. It’s truly his love and support for live music in addition to his creative eye that makes him such a talented concert photographer. It’s always our privilege to have him front stage, doing his thing.

-Shay & Michael

(Phono Pony)

My first professional photo shoot was with John. I was very nervous and unsure of what to do. John coached me through my fears, helping me to feel confident and comfortable. I am always eagerly looking forward to our next shoot to see where his creativity takes our pictures.
John is incredibly talented and detail-oriented, delivering breathtaking photos! He loves hearing your ideas and always has useful guidance for creating your perfect picture. John is reliable and fun to be around; your shoot will feel natural and relaxed. With John, you are in great hands, and I highly recommend him


John is a multi-media machine! Victoria is so blessed to have someone so passionate in using his photography gifts in  the music scene. He has shot many shows for us over the years and he always manages to capture the raw energy of the evening, and all the exact moments that we want to remember be it funny faces, gear malfunctions, mosh pits, and sing alongs. We've never had to request certain shots or angles,  because he's already  them! If you're a rocking band and need someone that will match your energy and capture you exactly as you are, John is your guy

The Poubelles

John found a beauty in me that I never knew existed. As an introverted extrovert,  I'm not a fan of the spotlight but took a leap for my birthday and asked him to shoot me. I was blown away by what the camera captured. For the first time my entire life as a 35 year old woman, I actually felt "pretty". John's professionalism, sense of humour, encouragement  and chill vibe is second to none. Seeing John in action for years at a variety of shows both as a promoter and as a patron,  he is right in the moment to capture the moment you're not able to see. I've seen John shoot people who make me sweat and he is cool as a cucumber.

I simply cannot recommend him enough.  Between the onsite charismatic hardcore music fan and the one-on-one attention he shows the fussiest of models, he is a man I would not hesitate ever booking for  a show or for any type of photo shoot. Ask him about his music stories... seriously they  are second to none. And he is just so casual talking about his famous encounters.  That's what makes him one of the best in the city.

Kelly Favro
TwentyFive40 Productions

I have had the privilege of a few portrait photo sessions with John. The communication about the shoot and making the whole idea come together is a breeze, as he listens to your ideas and takes initiative to add onto it and make it the best it can be. He makes you feel so at home and comfortable in front of the camera and is great at giving direction so you look your best. I have always felt so happy with the end result as he manages to capture you authentically and really pushes you to just be yourself, as really, that is your most beautiful form! Love all my photos from him and always look forward to the next one!

Amber B


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