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Yep , I own The Hustle on 45.....

One of the questions I'll ask in any interview is what someone has in their music collection. I may follow with a question on choice of format, but together those questions offer a lot about a person. For the same reason I may ask what someone has on the walls in their room. These answers can bring out a lot about someone's personality , or a least its the stuff of a great conversation.

Recently I went through a box of 45 ( 7 inches to some ) that Ive kept over many years. I stupidly sold some years back along with some 12 inch ( now ) rare singles . Like looking at a photograph, an old 45 can bring back moments in your life. A few may have you wondering what you were thinking at the time, but each is capable of telling a story.

I primarily did my 45s shopping at Modern Sound Records on Fort Street. Long gone, it offered singles for under $ 2. Paying 7 to 10 dollars at the time for a an LP wasn't an option for me. The rest I picked up at various record stores, thrift shops, or right off the merch table at local gigs and festival venues. I like supporting bands through photography and by buying their music. A lot of the time music was offered free but I left money anyways. , costs money for a band.

I count just under 100 7 inch records now in tattered sleeves or keeper picture sleeves. I wont be letting any of these go. A few of these records really stand out. Some I seriously wonder why I bought. No regrets though. Id like to share some thoughts on the modest collection I have.

Way back, TV themes were a thing for me. I own :

"The Theme from Happy Days"with B Side "Cruisin with the Fonz " ( Pratt and McClean )

"The Rockford Files" by Mike Post (who did many themes and soundtracks)

"Welcome Back Kotter" by John Sebastion ( yes Woodstock era John Sebastion )

I realize I'm dating myself with some of these titles. I had the theme from Laverne and Shirley at one point too, but not sure what happened to it.

In my definition of " Classics " category I have :

Whiter Shade of Pale - Procol Harum

Walk Away Renee - The Left Banke

Try a Little Tenderness - Otis Redding

Monster Mash by Bobby Boris Pickett

In the " One Hit Wonders " category ( These artists may have had other hits; I really don't know ) :

Jack n Jill - Raydio

Moonlight Feels Right - Starbuck

Hey St Peter - Flash in the Pan

The Hustle - Van McKoy ( yep...The Hustle )

Drivers Seat - Sniff and the Tears

Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes - Claudja Berry ( Oh lord...hanging head in shame )

Singles from very successful artists include hits from :

Chicago , The Cars, BTO, Frampton , Heart, Pretenders, Who, Abba , Def Leppard, Bowie , Alice , Fleetwood Mac, UB40, and Pat Benatar

Special Editions :

Reignwolfs first 7 inch "Are You Satisfied ". Copy 190 of 1000 pressed

A press/ promo copy from band Stillwater . This was the fictional band in the movie Almost Famous . My copy was sent to me by Cameron Crowe as a birthday gift. ( true story )

Local and regional Artists list includes releases from :

The Tumours

Durban Poison

Poor Choices

Mascara Nights


Sore Points


Needles/ Pins

Slow Learners

Fully Crazed

The Plodes

Stand outs include :

Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood and 2000 Miles by The Pretenders will always remain in my Xmas playlist collection. Don't think Power of Love has anything to do with Christmas but the video suggested this , so it stuck.

I used to own Do they Know its Christmas by Band Aid. We bought a copy directly from the fundraiser at the time. I wish I hadn't lost track of this one. In its genre it stands alone. Follow up US and Canadian efforts were awful and the remake of the original should have never been done. Best case of leave well enough alone.

Added to the "Lost" category was Convoy by CW McCall. Just so corny and awful, I liked it.

A track called Dixie Lullaby lives on the B Side of the Theme from The Rockford Files by Mike Post. Its a simple synth track with no lyrics. For some reason , I like it. Sometimes you don't need a reason.

Angie by The Stones . Jr High crush...her name was Angie. Enough said.

Fox on the Run by Sweet . Damaged hearing cranking this one

I Feel Love - Donna Summer . Donna was the best. What a voice.

Drivers Seat - Sniff and The Tears . Just a good track. No reason given. Still like it.

Lastly. Out in the Country by Three Dog Night . Released in 1970 ..the first year of Earth Day as an environmental advocacy song. Charted very high in North American markets. Message still applies today and clearly , no one has learned much since 1970 as we continue the destroy our planet. Remember the day I bought this at Modern Sound. Was a great store.

Soundtracks of our lives. Treasure them. Thanks for reading.


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