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Art and Punk Rock

There are stories behind everything. I'm fascinated by the stories that lie under the most infamous album covers. When Buzzcocks released Orgasm Addict in November of 77 it bore the artwork of British artist Linder Sterling.

"......The most well known image is the one that eventually was used for the Buzzcocks Orgasm Addicts sleeve and this is really a female torso with the addition of a Morphy Richards iron and two mouths. It’s quite paired down. I suppose there is a very convenient and very easy date to mark when music really sort of moved from being something from out there that I had listened to, to something that suddenly I was very involved in. An easy date for that is the first Sex Pistols concert in Manchester, you know, those two hundred people or so who were there use that as a very easy marker, I was at this concert and then my life began to change, so on that evening in June in 1976, I met the group Buzzcocks who said “Oh what do you do?” and I was thinking what do I do and I said “I am an art student” and it’s like “Oh will you do something for us?” and it’s like “Well yes” and it’s all sort of ‘why not?’ so I began to do to think about doing some posters and things for the Buzzcocks ...."


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