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July 20 1982 Iron Maiden slays Victoria BC

In 1982 Iron Maiden played for the first time in British Columbia at Victoria Memorial Arena. True. I was THERE.Such a classy old joint back then. ( If those walls could talk ) Think I paid something like $ 8.50. Definitely under ten dollars. It was the Beast on the Road tour opening for the Scorpions ( Blackout Tour ) with Girlschool. I remember the green haze in the thick, and the smell of hot dogs and popcorn in the concession. These were smells there for every show I saw under that roof . Very young me saw a 12 foot Eddie walk out on stage towering over Bruce. I mean these guys are ferocious now. Can you imagine what they were like back then? It was insane. Maiden was very much part of the stimulus getting me hooked on live shows. Would have been great to be shooting back then. All the bands I saw in their prime rattle those old windows....

I can actually remember them playing Run to The Hills and Number of the Beast. Sound was hammering off that back wall and deafening me but I didn't realize or care at the time.... Good times.


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