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KISS Victoria July 25 1977 - The show that never happened.

In the olden days you would line up at the box office of the venue or at registered ticket outlets. We decided 3 days ahead we would set up camp outside the old barn. No way we were missing out on KISS coming to town July 25 1977. Yep the lineup had already started. About 8 hours in we gave it up ( gave the heads a shake ) and secured tickets at an outlet without much hassle a few days later. A whopping ten dollars ! We actually held those tickets in our hands.

Word was to fit the staging into the arena some 1200 ( maybe 2000 ) seats had to be removed. This was apparently taken care of to get ready for this tour. Buuuut...not sure how long out it was before the band scrapped the show. Many reasons were tossed about ..but way I see it..the barn didn't have a lot of seats to start with. Take out some and you don't have many bodies forking over enough cash to make it worthwhile to haul over the trailers worth of gear and personnel on the ferries. The news didn't go over well. I remember someone bending up the water pipes outside the arena and some rocks were hurled through the windows. ( like it was the arenas fault ) The arena sued KISS for the prep work.

There was a Vancouver date but I didn't have ferry..hotel cash to go. Imagine it was already sold out anyways.

Double digs because Cheap Trick was to make their Victoria debut that night as well to open for Kiss. It would be 2 more years before Bun E and the boys would haul the Dream Police Tour into Victoria. That was a seriously great show. I know Kiss came back years later , but it was no longer the barn, and early Kiss...for me... is where it was at.

Still..had it happened ; how great would that have been back then?


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